10 Tips for Statement of Purpose

Writing a successful statement of purpose is really very essential part of applying for any scholarship or admission. Expert says as it weighs 30% in your evaluation for admission, therefore, at least 30% of the total time behind an application should be given to writing a high-quality statement of purpose (SoP). SoP is everything about you which you could not mention in Resume or other documents.

Following are few tips to a successful SoP

  1. Brainstorm Start from brainstorming about yourself, jot down on a page or note on your iPhone, preferably before you sleep. Do this for 3-4 days, then write all and then squeeze them to one page.
  2. Mention Supervisor Not always, but in some cases, if university allows, you may check faculty for their area of interest and list of publications. In your SoP, you may mention why did you choose a certain supervisor, and you may mention her/his publication name which inspired you the most.
  3. Get SoP checked by this I do not mean you should check your SoP yourself. Get someone else proofread your SoP and improves its sentence structure and grammar. Usually, a SoP enables the university to rate you on how well are you in articulating your thoughts and express yourself.
  4. Be Positive Don’t be negative while writing your SoP, try to be positive.
  5. Excitement and Reason In the starting paragraph show your excitement for the subject and reason to choose this subject.
  6. Evidence In the second paragraph try to convince the evaluator with evidence that you are excited to get admission, you are capable of getting this admission.
  7. The Personal Touch In the last paragraph, try to add few lines about your personal self. This is the most important part of your SoP. After all, SoP is about yourself and future plan not about your past achievements only which are already mentioned in your Resume.
  8. Plain English The most import thing, do not use complex English, it is all about expressing your thoughts for evaluation, do not hinder it with using complex English. Rather use simple and plain English and convey your thoughts clearly.
  9. Done lie Tell them what really are you, don’t tell any lie.
  10. Highlighting a course Highlight a course which this university is offering may attract the evaluator to your admission or scholarship application. If the university is offering a course say ‘Economics of startups’ and by highlighting this course in your SoP will give good points to your application. Because this will be a reason for the evaluator to believe that their university and department worth something in your future plan.



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