Asalam o alikum (Hi),

I have taught Microeconomics from Hal R. Varian, Intermediate Macroeconomics by Gregory Mankiw (which is my favorite). I also taught a course on History of Economic Thought by E. K. Hunt. I encourage my students to study economic history particularly when they are interested in Macroeconomics. I love to teach and assist people in STATA and SPSS. Beside this, I taught an innovative course ‘Ethics and Universal Values’. My area of research is household economic decision making, well-being (both objective and subjective). The data set in my expertise are World Values Survey, Pakistan Social and Living Measure, Divine Economics Survey. Now I am interested in working with DHS, HILDA, and ESS. For my Ph.D., I am refining a topic that could have a real benefit to society.

At Jhon Hopkins University Washington DC USA, I am the left one in Grey. 


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